Pipers Crisps, the best!

Belchford Downhill 2007

Photographs and Videos

Annika Earl’s


Youtube stuff including the incredible

Devil’s Rejects

Jimmy Laughton’s Photos

Full resolution copies of these photos can be obtained from info@belchford.org.uk

David Hawtin’s photos

B.McCarthy’s photos

2006 Pictures and Videos

Devil’s Rejects stills on Flikr

MG Car Club Photos and Article on their Website

TES videos on Youtube

Belchford Downhill 2008

Photographs and Videos

Peter Staniland’s Stills

Bernard Rickus’s Stills

Ian Chappell’s Stills

Daniele Cecchinato,s  Cart Video

Daniele Cecchinato,s  Battle of Britain Video

Sam Porter’s Stills

David Hawtin’s Stills

The Newby's 2006 pictures Photos of the 2006 Downhill Challenge Low resolution video of the 2006 Downhill Challenge Belchford Downhill Challenge Soapbox Cart Race Page

Jon Newby’s videos

Catterline Carties video

Team Monster’s videos

Belchford Downhill 2009

Photographs and Videos

Daniele Cecchinato,s  Cart Video

The Devil’s Rejects pics.

Lee’s onboard video

Stephen Hall’s Video

Bernard Rickus’s Stills

Stephen Hall’s Photos

Pictures on BBC Website

B&W Racing’s Video

Devil’s Reject, Reg Interviews

TES’s Run

Ecotricity’s Video