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Belchford and Fulletby

Village Green

The village green is an area of nearly two acres located at the eastern end of Belchford village. The green was purchased by Belchford & Fulletby Parish Council in 2014 using grant funding.  The land where the village green is located was part of a larger field that the previous owners were selling for development. The Parish Council negotiated with the owners and planners, resulting in the siting of the green in the centre of one of the soon to be protected Belchford figure of eight road loops with the new housing built around its margins, protecting this land from further development. Following its purchase Belchford & Fulletby Parish Council protected the land in perpetuity by registering it with the Fields in Trust organisation in 2017.

Over the years, this community land has been used to hold many events from village fetes to, more recently, rounder’s matches and the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  The land is registered for recreational use and is not only used for events, but also daily for dog walkers to meet for a social, or simply to exercise their dogs in a safe place.  We have also installed picnic tables and football nets on the green.  These are regularly used by all age groups.

There is a group of residents who put on events each year.  The purpose of these is to bring our communities together as well as to raise funds.  These events are well supported by the locals.  The committee aims to put on a variety of events that appeal to all ages and interests.

The committee are always looking for help in organising events as a one off, or volunteers to join the committee full time.

Village green events will be advertised on our Facebook page Belchford and Fulletby Green Forum .  If you would like to help organise an event with us, or hold one of your own, please email us on bfvillagegreen@gmail.com.

Entrance to Belchford & Fulletby Village Green

Entrance to The Village Green

Belchford vs. Fulletby tug-a-war competition